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Bar Inventory & Online Ordering. Super Fast.

Our clients save up to 25% in inventory costs every month. So stop wasting time & money and take inventory super fast for your bar.

Why you'll love Barkontrol

Stop dreading inventory

Barkontrol makes the process super fast

Reduce beverage costs

With complex reports and a simple inventory app


Finish inventory faster with multiple devices.



with the BarKontrol app
Quick Access

Quick Access

Quickly access items by organized sections and shelves that mirror the physical situation of stock in your bar.

Fast Measurements

Fast Measurements

Drag, swipe, and go. Adjust the slider to quickly set the level of liquid in your bottles, or enter the values yourself.

Sign & Save

Sign & Save

Measurements are saved with a digital signature so you can easily track who contributed to your inventory count.


Working on multiple iOS and Android devices at once makes it possible to finish inventory even faster!

What our users are saying

Saving time & money

We used to take inventory every two weeks, and it usually took 9 working hours to finish everything. Now we do all this in an hour and a half. A real time saver!


The Sovet

Our process of taking inventory became much easier once we started using BarKontrol. It’s a huge step up from spreadsheets and eyeballing the bottles.

The Sovet

Stop losing time & money

Get your inventory under control today!

What You Can Do with Barkontrol

Take Inventory On Multiple Devices, Even Offline

Take inventory faster than ever with the Barkontrol app on multiple devices at once, even if you are offline. All you need to do is set the level of the liquor in the bottle by adjusting the sliding bar on the screen, and swipe to the next bottle. It’s that easy. We support iOs and Android devices – so no need for any extra equipment.

Generate reports and keep an eye on your inventory

Generate reports of your inventory by vendors, groups or inventory date to easily track the status of your liquid assets in our desktop application. You can also track which users have made modifications to your stock count and the time of inventory.

Set Par Levels to Your Items and Quickly Generate Orders

Set par levels for your items, set up your vendors and automatically generate order slips within Barkontrol. Make sure you never run out of any of your items again.

Get your inventory under control today