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Where is the inventory report?

Where to access reports? #

In the desktop app hit ‘Reports’ and you will be presented with the latest measurements from all users, ordered by Groups.

You can sign in at https://app.barkontrol.io to access the desktop application.

Where to chooose report types? #

  • Groups – shows your product list and whenever certain products have been assigned to groups, it will display those products within the set Group folder. You can use groups whenever you want to keep track of the volume of several different products under one group (for ex. Absolute 1L and Absolute 0,7L bottles both assigned to an Absolut Group to keep track of the total amount of Absolute vodka in your bar. Another example would be when you want to keep track of the total values of all liqueurs under a Liqueurs Group).
  • All Products – shows all products in your bar, ungrouped. Even if you have set certain products to groups, the All Products report type will not show the groups you’ve set up.
  • Inventory History – lets you access each saved measurement in chronological order and track the users that made the changes.
  • Vendors – works similar to the Groups report type, but here you will assign your products by vendors.

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